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Laser Distance Meter

Distance, Area, & Volume

Extech’s DT60M measures distance up to 196ft (60m). It can calculate area and volume and the integrated Pythagorean Theorem allows the user to take indirect measurements. Other features include continuous measurement with Min/Max distance tracking, 20 point memory, addition/subtraction of sequential readings, front or rear edge reference, and a Stakeout function. Large quad backlit LCD display and double molded housing. It also has a handy built-in bubble level and comes with a wrist strap.

Sensor Range (Accuracy): 
±2mm (± 0.08”)

EME Systems Amp

Amps to Voltage

Convert Li-Cor micro Amp out put into a voltage to supply a signal to a HOBO data logger. Output max voltage can be user seleced on the amp. The Amp should be reconfigured for use under indoor vs. outdoor environment. The max light level encountered needs to be considered with selecting max voltage out.

Compatible Tools: