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Extech Thermo-Anemometer

Air Velocity & Temperature with Surface Temperature

Measures remote surface temperatures to 932°F (500°C) with 30:1 distance to spot ratio and Laser pointer; Simultaneous display of Air Flow in CFM/CMM or Air Velocity plus Ambient Temperature

Sensor Range (Accuracy): 
Air Velocity Range Resolution Accuracy m/s (meters per sec) 0.40 - 30.00 m/s 0.01 m/s ± (3% + 0.20 m/s) km/h (kilometers/hour) 1.4 - 108.0 km/h 0.1 km/h ± (3% + 0.8 km/hr) ft/min (feet per minute) 80 – 5900 ft/min 1 ft/min ± (3% + 40 ft/m) mph (miles per hour) 0.9 – 67.0 mph 0.1 mph ± (3% + 0.4 MPH) knots (nautical MPH) 0.8 to 58.0 knots 0.1 knots ± (3% + 0.4 knots) Air Flow_Range_ Area CMM (cubic meters/min) _Range: 0-9999 m3/min_Area: 0 to 9.999m2 CFM (cubic ft/min)_Range: 0-9999 ft3/min_Area: 0 to 9.999ft2 Air Temperature: Range_Resolution_Accuracy 14 - 140F (-10 - 60C)_0.1F/C_4.0F (2.0C)

Konica Minolta Luminance Meter

Surface Illuminance

Compact, lightweight, easy-to-use SLR luminance meters with a wide measuring range. 1/30 acceptance angle. Measuring range: 0.01 to 999,900 cd/m2. The user calibration function allows the meter to be calibrated to a user-selected standard instead of the preset Konica Minolta standard; this function can be used to standardize the response of several meters.


Extech Light Meter

Illumination & Luminance

The EA33 takes high intensity light measurements. Using the EA33's 50-reading memory, this light meter can store up to 50 measurements with either a relative or a real time clock stamp.