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Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency in Buildings


In an effort to make buildings operate in the most energy efficient manner, we are designing building envelopes to be as airtight as possible with as little outside air as allowable. In this presentation the following issues are addressed: significance of IAQ to human health and productivity, the link between IAQ and building energy demands, and efficient technologies for optimizing IAQ.

Learning Objective 1: 
Participates will learn the significance of indoor air quality as well as its potential impact to human health and productivity.
Learning Objective 2: 
Participates will be shown efficient technologies for optimizing indoor air quality to ASHRAE 62.1-2016 as well as better than the current standards.
Learning Objective 3: 
Participants will learn the design principles to designing a buildings' envelope to be as air tight as possible.
Learning Objective 4: 
Participates will be shown areas of HVAC (Ventilation Rates, Loads, System Types)design that deal with indoor air quality as it relates to a buildings' energy demand.
Learning Units: 
1 LU
Course Status: 
AIA Course Number: 

Ken Baker
Interim Director
Ken Baker has been working in building energy efficiency since 1978. His 1982 Master of Architecture degree from the University of Idaho focused on energy and resource efficient construction techniques and the use of local-based materials to create vernacular and sustainable buildings. He is an experienced educator, facilitator, mediator and writer. He is the co-author with Jana Kemp of the Greenwood Publishing Co. book, Building Community in Buildings, The design and Culture of Dynamic Workplaces. Ken teaches energy code compliance and implementation strategies throughout the U.S. and has worked on energy code development and implementation since 1986. Ken was the Senior Manager, Codes & Standards for the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance from 2014 through 2018. He is currently Interim Director of the U of I Integrated Design Lab.