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Yes, because of the corona virus we have taken steps to limit in-person operations, however, we have a new contactless system for the ERL. For more details please see here:
Pre-Covid: The only restriction is that you must be an Idaho Power customer, however, some tools will only be available to licensed Mechanical or Electrical Engineers as well as Facility Mangers.

Just yourself or someone specified in your proposal to pick up your resource(s).

Yes, please fill out the resource request to best of your ability. Any proposal that is incomplete or missing required information will be denied and returned to the customer.

Yes, an account with us is required to submit a proposal for checking out resources(s) from the ERL. To create an account with us, click here.

On the main menu tab Energy Resource Library, then select Energy Resource request or click here.

When you are done using the resources please return them to the Integrated Design Lab at 306 S. 6th Street Boise, ID 83702 with your Energy Resource Library Proposal Return sheet that you received when you first picked up your tools.

To check out a tool from the ERL you must first have an account with us. Creating an account is free and we do not automatically subscribe you to our newsletters, you will only receive emails about your tool loan. To request a tool please fill out a proposal here: Request a Resource

There are currently no time limits on how long or quantity of a resource that may be checked out. We understand that a considerable number of projects will require data logging and therefore check out times would range from a few weeks, a few months, or until the necessary about of data is collected. However, the lab reserves the right to limit the amount of time or quantity of a resource that can be checked out to ensure availability to all customers.

Please allow 1-2 business days for processing. If there is a problem or clarification is needed the lab will contact you. If not, you may pick up your resource loan once you receive an approval email at the day and time specified on your proposal.

You can have someone else pick up your resources, however, this must be specified on your proposal.

No, there is no limit to how many resources you may check out, however, the lab reserves the right to limit the quantity of resources for any proposal to ensure availability to all customers.

You can have your resource loan shipped to you, however, all shipping cost are the responsibility of the customer.

Yes, if you need an extension we would be happy to extend the duration of your checkout period. However, the lab reserves the right to limit the amount of time of the extensions as well as how many extensions are given to ensure availability to all customers.

You will receive emails about the status of your proposal to let you know where we are in processing your request and when you have returned your resource.

All tool loans will be picked up from the Integrated Design Lab. The address is 306 S. 6th Street Boise, ID 83702

Anyone who is an Idaho Power Customer may check out tools from the ERL